Thursday, December 31, 2009

the end of the beginning

if i could go around the world gathering all my loved ones and their loved ones and put them all on my party plane, forgetting the logistics of nearest airports and such, i'd make stops in nottingham road, in virginia, in cape town, bulawayo, morocco, london, south korea...and the view from our bedrooms would look just like this. goodbye 2009: the exact effect you've had on my life, only time...

LOWLIGHTS: quitting smoking; neglecting my friends; melanie moving to australia; cutting my dreadlocks; going back to biting my nails; gaining weight; getting held up at knife point in k-squared; having my heart broken; failing a russian test; taking a looooong ass bus ride from cape town all the way to durban in one stretch...24 hours; michael jackson's death; zingi mzamo's death; the results of the 2009 south african general elections; not being able to vote in the 2009 south african general election; COPE; discovering that greg was not the man that he made himself out to be; sharing a property with a racist and malicious witch of a warden...

HIGHLIGHTS: quitting smoking; the birth of maya nandi valentine; selby sipho ndondo; finally completing my degree; barack obama winning the nobel peace prize; champagne, cake, flowers, sunshine and love on lindi's birthday; kopano introducing me to chocolate block; the 29th of every month; reinventing mexico for my birthday; the stress and success of sexy cocktails for twilight rendezvous (part two follows in 2010); tutoring first year linguistics students; the fun i had smuggling all the liquor out of my linguistics class party for my friends and i to enjoy for days after; discovering that true friendship can endure any distance; the return of society on sabc 1; getting my hands on little brother all of my own; finding out i have two musical soulmates in grahamstown; finally seeing mos def in cape town, actually...the cape town jazz festival period; kospotong and cool runnings with the free state crew; moving into 30 somerset street; nigel's couch in 30 somerset street; the kardashians...

it's been real!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

there is a song for everything

facebook offered me the option of creating a collage of my 2009 statuses. i happily obliged...had the chance of revisiting all of my ups and downs, emotional outbursts and blatant lies. i've always loved putting thoughts to paper/screen. the option of going back, reworking...rewording...allows me to be the person that i want to be. i decided again that i want to have a record of my thoughts. something concrete that i can look back on. a journal and pen seemed i broke my blog virginity. it's a toughie...tempted to spill my deepest thoughts...but it isn't called the world wide web for nadda. it's almost like that delicate balance you're all caught up in when you write an entry in your diary...and you secretly, secretly, secretly hope that someone will come across it. and you would be outraged that they did. and thankful.

there is a song for almost everything that i think and feel...for now, my former ringtone:

"Oh, yeah. Well the bell has rung because the time is here.
Oh, yeah. We gotta switch it around and put the thang in gear.
Oh, yeah. Not much is for sure, but this here is true.
Oh, yeah. I gotta do it for me, but then I'll do it for you"