Wednesday, December 30, 2009

there is a song for everything

facebook offered me the option of creating a collage of my 2009 statuses. i happily obliged...had the chance of revisiting all of my ups and downs, emotional outbursts and blatant lies. i've always loved putting thoughts to paper/screen. the option of going back, reworking...rewording...allows me to be the person that i want to be. i decided again that i want to have a record of my thoughts. something concrete that i can look back on. a journal and pen seemed i broke my blog virginity. it's a toughie...tempted to spill my deepest thoughts...but it isn't called the world wide web for nadda. it's almost like that delicate balance you're all caught up in when you write an entry in your diary...and you secretly, secretly, secretly hope that someone will come across it. and you would be outraged that they did. and thankful.

there is a song for almost everything that i think and feel...for now, my former ringtone:

"Oh, yeah. Well the bell has rung because the time is here.
Oh, yeah. We gotta switch it around and put the thang in gear.
Oh, yeah. Not much is for sure, but this here is true.
Oh, yeah. I gotta do it for me, but then I'll do it for you"



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