Monday, February 8, 2010

it's been a long time coming

...and in exactly 2 months, a journey i started 7 years ago will finally be wrapping itself up the way it should've done 5 years ago. come 8 april 2010, i will officially be a rhodes university graduate!

i went through my first day as a postgraduate linguistics student today, and i couldn't help but feel like that high school student who is allowed to enter their teacher's staff room for the very first time: excited, entitled, privileged, gloaty yet highly nauseous. all of a sudden (but not really) rooms in the linguistics department are being reworked as tea rooms and offices to cater for us, we are able to set times to do things according to schedules that suit us, our opinions are valuable and our assistance is called upon for things like registration and *insert sheepish grin* it's pretty damn cool. and even though i've done some not so goody-goody things over the past couple of years, i'm a closet goody-goody at heart. i LOVE the fact that the head of department knows my name and surname and can spell both correctly, i LOVE the fact that i am seen as reliable and responsible and treated as such, i LOVE the fact that i will get my own KEY to the department to come and go as i please. access during certain hours WHAT?! BOOYAAAAAAAAAHHH!

i'm loving it! :D

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